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I have a story to tell that is in the works. For now enjoy this artwork that reminds me of my story. It might be commissions others have done for me or simply artwork that suggests a similar theme to my story. I'll be sure to share more about this story in the future.

Please note this is NOT my artwork.



I like your color choice. The colors for your characters go nicely with your background (cool pic)! The biggest thing I noticed was the...

I, honestly, really like this piece. The lighting effects are very well done. It is a very simple piece, in terms of composition. Howev...

Favorite Journal Entry- 'Vhat' is Your Center?

*NO spoilers for the film are in this journal*
((Well, possibly a minor spoiler. Only a minor))

Rise of the Guardians is such a great film!

This might be where I start to differ with people, concerning films, but I do try to see the message the film is trying to give. Once I determine what the MESSAGE is I decide whether it's something I believe in. I figure out if it is something that I should add to my life or not. I don't do this for all films because, let's face it, some movies are simply for entertainment (ex. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation). However, in this film I believe I discovered a message that I find noteworthy.

In Rise of the Guardians the message is for people to try and understand what they have to CONTRIBUTE to the world. North asks Jack Frost, "What is your center?" He simply meant what was at the core of Jack's soul? What was Jack's purpose? *Slight spoiler??* Jack discovers that his reason for existing is to make people have fun. By doing this he helps people feel brave even in the face of fear! He is an enjoyable character and reminds me of one of my brothers, in terms of being a type of dare devil.

As for me, I firmly believe my center is to celebrate LIFE and make it known to others! It is so easy, so simple, to celebrate death. It is so popular nowadays to focus on the sorrow, pain, and horror at the end of life. I find it quite rare to focus on the very start of life! The innocence of a baby's birth, the limitless wanderings of a child's imagination, and the endless wonder that life has to offer. Horror movies or anything that involves zombies, vampires, and/or werewolves tends to be very unpopular with me. However, I will not bash on them because the purpose of this journal entry is not to stir up an argument. I simply want you to know that I love to celebrate life and I wish more people did the same.

So 'vhat' is YOUR center? What do you think it is? Have you always known? Have you only recently discovered it?


I'm not going to bed until I post Day #24!
:frustrated: revamp :unthinking: :stayawake: 
I know how tough it is to get comments on your work. I also know how people get annoyed when users thank them for giving llamas. How do these connect? Simple! You give me a llama and I will comment on a piece of your work instead of thanking you (I will also return the favor with a llama). I may be slow but know that I will comment eventually.
Long day at work. And I'm still working on daily drawing #23! Lots of bright colors for this one. Hopefully will post soon. Early day of work tomorrow so I'm trying to get to bed early but I don't want to rush this drawing!!! Argh! Decisions. . . Decisions.
Pet peeve? Having to make phone calls with a lot of AIs. I just want to talk to an associate you put-everything-in-a-category, confusing, and difficult computer!!! *grumble grumble*
GAAARRRRR!!!! It's snowing like crazy outside and I managed to LOCK MYSELF OUT OF MY CAR!!!!! On top of that it is running and I have to wait over an hour for help to get here. . . Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!
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Before I sit down to draw my next daily drawing I thought I would post another journal entry for the month of February. Perhaps, my journal entries will reduce to simply once a month now. I certainly don't want to stop them completely. Anyways, what's going on in February?

Contact Personal Smiley :CEFebruary: Calendar Personal Smiley 

I'm very nervous. :iconnervous-laughplz: :nailbiter: I hate to say it but my hope is in a high place right now and I'm worried it's all for naught. I feel like I just graduated from High School and am sending application letters to colleges once again. However, these aren't college applications I'm filling out. These are for jobs that I really want to be a part of. I never want to work in retail again so I'm trying hard to present myself as a professional to certain companies and now I'm waiting to hear back from them to get their answer and. . . I'm getting stressed out about it. 
Phoenix Wright Emoticon 2 
Why stressed? Well, allow me to explain. If I get another job, well paid mind you, that means I can finally look for an apartment or studio to move into. I've been finding it somewhat difficult to live where I am right now. The people that are here I love but their views on certain things and the fact that they make it seem like my opinion is misinformed or not important hurts. Plus, I dislike living out of one room. I want my own kitchen and I want my own place to call home.

So this month could prove to be very exciting or depressing. Thankfully these daily drawing challenges are a bit of joy in my life right now. If any one reads these please know I always enjoy receiving comments and/or critics on my work. I miss the good old college days when we would bring our work in and the teacher would make students critic other students work. Haha! It does help and it does mean a lot when someone takes the time even to say a simple, "I like it."

Last thing, I used to post one video at the end of my journals but I have seemed to cease doing that for some reason so it's time to put that to a halt. Since this journal has a feel of anxiety to it I'm gonna pull a switch and post, what I think is, a funny video.

If you guys have not heard of Wong Fu Productions I would seriously recommend you check out their stuff. They can be cheesy, corny, and silly. However, they are positive and create a great community for their followers. Please enjoy their latest video:


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FIRSTLY, thank you for visiting my page. My goal, as an artist, is to create positive illustrations and stories that celebrate life. I find such a goal rare so I want to be the change I wish to see in the world. I hope to 'leave footprints on the sands of time' as my favorite poet, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, puts it.

SECONDLY, should you wish to strike up a conversation I would suggest the topic be about movies. I am a visual storyteller and I have great respect for films. I'm usually attending movie theaters and following films on IMDB. I grew up watching Star Trek (the original), The Rifleman (I love the 1940s and 50s era of film and television), and The Wind in the Willows (children movies/television shows are also a popular topic with me).

THIRDLY, I know how tough it is to get comments on your work. I also know how people get annoyed when users thank them for giving llamas. How do these connect? Simple! You give me a llama and I will comment on a piece of your work instead of thanking you (I will also return the favor with a llama). I may be slow but know that I will comment eventually.

I continually strive to become a better person at everything I am gifted at. Hold me accountable to that. I appreciate feedback and critiques.

May you have a blessed day.

Live long and prosper!



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